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We have constructed our facility to accomodate up to four 40 foot boats in an inside secure environment.

Our Production Process

PPI has designed the production facility for the most efficient work flow by utilizing both space and technology. From beginning to end, the flow of our product is kept moving.


The process starts with our Engineering Department, which is comprised of some very talented individuals. They provide unique ideas to our customers & then implement those ideas into reality.


We are fully computerized with CAD capabilities to ensure precise & exact design. Our CNC can cut within tolerances of .001 of an inch. This gives us a full range of design techniques. Unlike other companies who are limited to simply re-upholstering your current seats, we can completely individualize your items to you and your boat.


We have a full in house Mill Shop. This allows us to build products specifically to your individual need. We can implement change on the spot, rather than waiting on a vendor's lengthy change process.


Our Foam Department hand cuts, forms, molds & contours the foam to create a unique look and fit.


Engineering sends patterns to the Sewing Department. All vinyls and fabrics are either hand cut or cut using a computerized cutter to the exact dimensions and measurements specified by the Engineering patterns. Using computerized sewing machines the fabric/vinyl is sewn into the skin that tack-on will put on the foamed item. High grade materials are used, including tenara thread, which is a special marine grade thread.


The skins and foamed shells are then sent to the Tack-On Department. Tack-On then completes the product and does a quality control check to ensure it matches the order and that there are no defects.
Once the item is completed, the Shipping Department prepares it to be shipped to the customer.
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